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Helena was born and raised in Sweden and received her Master’s Degree of Laws from the University of Stockholm and worked in the banking and insurance industry until she moved abroad with her family. Helena now lives in Greenwich and works as a certified Positive Psychology Coach and Yoga teacher.

In addition to teaching yoga at GBC (her yoga classes will resume in the Fall), this summer Helena will offer a Walk and Talk: Life Coaching in Nature with Helena Svedin series. These one-on-one sessions with Helena are sure to be life empowering!

In Sweden what  does it mean “be healthy”? 
To live a balanced life. That would mean working between 30 – 40 hours a week. That leaves enough time to take care of myself, children, aging parents and friends. Spending time in nature, cooking, share meals and enjoying other meaningful activities.  It would also mean taking at least five weeks of vacation. Four of those would be taken consecutively to allow the mind, body and spirit to really recover and to feel energized and excited to get back to work. Being able to walk or bike to a workplace that listens to, invests in and values their employees. Having choices. 

How is the aging process different in Sweden vs. America?
I find Sweden definitely has something to learn from the United States when it comes to aging. I think there is more age discrimination in Sweden. As I’m getting older I find that I have more opportunities here than…I would have if I lived in Sweden.

It’s more common (here) to have a number of different careers during your lifetime. I also see an openness and encouragement to try new sports and activities at an older age…it’s ok to be a beginner again. I find the US to be a competitive society but it can also be very caring and appreciative. Just imagine what we could accomplish here if we combined these strengths and applied them to move areas of our lives! 

“I’ve always been interested in wellness and I grew up in a family that spent a lot of time and resources on outdoor activities, shared meals and weeks on the water.”

Why is it important to place a life coaching session in nature?
For a life coaching session to be truly successful we need to connect to our inner guide. My job as a coach is to help the client get there. My experience is that gentle movement in nature supports that process. We are very fortunate that we have all this access to beautiful nature and water in Greenwich.

My hope is that more people will take advantage of that. It would benefit all of us. Just imagine if we all connected to and followed our inner guide more – life would be better and we would most likely have more patience and compassion with each other.

You have a background in Law and Finance. Why did you make the leap from those fields into yoga and wellness?
I’ve always been interested in wellness and I grew up in a family that spent a lot of time and resources on outdoor activities, shared meals and weeks on the water.

My family was not rich. My mother started as a hairdresser and my father as a photographer. They did take some risks, were successful and made some money…but time was always more important than money. I remember spending at least two weeks over christmas at our winter house skiing and playing in the snow. During the summer we would move to our summer house go out sailing for up to five weeks. 

I enjoyed working in the field of law and finance, especially the educational aspect of it, but as my own family grew and when we moved abroad, it was just not possible for both parents to focus on demanding careers outside of the home, without a great loss in wellness. I felt I had learnt enough from the field of asset management and was now ready to focus on raising my children and enjoy the adventure of living abroad.

“Stop. Focus on your breathing. Feel.”

Once my children were grown…I had the opportunity to try a new career that allowed me to get back to my roots and what really mattered to me – how to truly enjoy this life! I find it exciting to learn and explore life coaching through the lenses of yoga and positive psychology. To get the opportunity to study and share this science after 50+ years of living on this earth is just awesome. I’m very lucky.

If you could recommend one new healthy and impactful habit that anyone could take up starting today, what would it be?

Stop. Focus on your breathing. Feel.

GBC is a place for people to connect or reconnect with nature. Being surrounded by the 60 plus acres of the Pinetum make it a very peaceful environment. Can you make a connection between the practice of yoga and movement and how humans connection with nature?

GBC reminds me of my childhood. Open and exciting space to explore. Kind, supportive and knowledgeable people if I need them. Choices of trails. Sense of freedom, joy and possibilities. Conveniently located right here – in the heart of Greenwich. The convenience shelter when needed…and bathrooms!

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