Month: September 2019

5 Questions for Barbara Collier, Lisa Moser and Bharti Chojar, Co-Chairs of the 12th Annual Dazzling Dahlias Show

Left to Right: Barbara Collier, Bharti Chojar and Lisa Moser, Co-Chairs of the 12th Annual Dazzling Dahlias Show.

The Show is on September 21 and 22 at Greenwich Botanical Center. Admission is FREE.

Question: I had never been very aware of dahlias until I got involved with Greenwich Botanical Center and worked at my first Dazzling Dahlias Show. The minute I arrived, felt the energy of the exhibitors, and saw the  flowers…It was a true “aha!” moment. How did you get pulled into the world of the dahlia? What is it about the dahlia that has kept you a part of this organization  and event for so many years? 

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