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Putting Plants First on your Plate

March 30, 2022

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Putting Plants First on your Plate: Dr. Katie's Approach to the Why & How of Prioritizing a Plant-Forward Diet


Interviewed by Dr. Jen Morgan.

Dr. Jennifer Morgan is passionate about creating holistic care for her patients with pelvic health issues. She blends orthopedic & pelvic health Physical therapy practices, specialty visceral manipulation skills, her yoga background, & further certifications in nutrition and prenatal & postpartum care to individualize each course of treatment.


It is Dr. Jen’s biggest passion see you succeed. Your treatment sessions will be filled with education, space for you to ask questions, & dedication to helping you heal.


Jennifer is proud to call Guilford, Connecticut her home. She enjoys yoga & HIIT workouts,  cooking, and exploring the beautiful shoreline towns with her husband, Nick.

Dr. Katie Bio

Dr. Katie Takayasu is an Integrative Medicine doctor with a passion for plant-rich cooking and finding balance in lifestyle rhythms. She combines traditional Western medicine with complementary modalities like acupuncture, mind-body medicine, botanicals, and nutrition to help patients holistically achieve their goals. She’s a proponent of nutrient-dense food, joyful movement, plentiful rest, and attendance to the Spiritual Self as a way to ground the whole body, mind + spirit.

Dr. Katie is the author of Plants First: A Physician's Guide to Wellness Through a Plant-Forward Diet, a practical, sustainable approach for those wanting to decrease inflammation and improve overall lifestyle balance. She works in Fairfield County and built DrKatie.com to share her passion for lifestyle balance and cooking. She developed the 10-day Dr. Katie Detox several years ago as a way to connect with clients and teach them the skills to reset their health harnessing their body’s innate natural detoxification, believing we can have better health by listening to our body’s internal wisdom.

Clients can work with Dr. Katie privately 1:1 in her bespoke Wellness Insights practice where they focus on developing each client’s individual Wellness Intuition, which is Dr. Katie's approach to truly listening to the body. To learn more, visit www.DrKatie.com.


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