Hydrangea Envy Photo Contest: Snap a Photo, Upload, Vote and Share!

Greenwich Botanical Center, in partnership with local gardening and landscape businesses, will be awarding prizes for photographs with the most votes on the GBC Contest page as well as judging categories such as most creative photo, best photo with animal or insect and most unusual colors.

Join in the fun! Upload your photos, and encourage friends and family to vote at the GBC Hydrangea Envy Contest Page. Open to all, submit up to five original Hydrangea photos that best captures the beauty of the Hydrangea. 

The winners are:

Kelly McGee     Grand Prize Winner - (cover photo) | Kimberly Salib - 2nd Place  |  Christine Surette - 3rd place  |  Runner Up - Cheryl Gaulner 

Liz Eckert - Most Votes for a Pet  |  Julie Rocco - Most Beautiful Portrait  |  Julie Rocco - Most Beautiful Portrait

Heather Conner - Most Beautiful Photos  |  Ruth Sutcliffe - Best Travel Photo 

Q & A with Barbara Collier, Lisa Moser & Bharti Chojar, Co-Chairs of the 12th Annual Dazzling Dahlias Show

Question: I had never been very aware of dahlias until I got involved with Greenwich Botanical Center and worked at my first Dazzling Dahlias Show. The minute I arrived, felt the energy of the exhibitors, and saw the  flowers...It was a true “aha!” moment. How did you get pulled into the world of the dahlia? What is it about the dahlia that has kept you a part of this organization  and event for so many years? 


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