Make Spring Come Early This Year at the Greenwich Botanical Center

As we make our way through the cold winter months, we miss seeing beautiful green trees and vibrant flowers across town. Even with a foot of snow still on the ground, we are looking ahead to spring and warmer days. Make spring come early by bringing a bit of nature indoors! Come visit the Greenwich Botanical Center for all the blooms and blossoms you need to brighten up your home this winter.

Whether you are shopping for a gift or striving to revamp your work from home office, the perfect plant can truly bring a breath of fresh air to your space! Adding greenery to your home can improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Located at 130 Bible Street in Cos Cob, the center provides a COVID-safe shopping experience and lots of free parking. Stop by the greenhouse and get expert advice from a team of horticulturists about gorgeous greenery, vibrant orchids, and whimsical terrariums. Or visit the habitatgreenwich boutique in the main building for one-of-a-kind artistic goods.

Not only is a purchase from the Greenwich Botanical Center guaranteed to uplift your home, but it also makes a lasting impact on the center’s programs, environmental conservation, and our local community.

At the Greenwich Botanical Center, you can also take a stroll through the 102-acre Montgomery Pinetum Park after you visit the greenhouse and boutique. The park is a registered historic site in Cos Cob, and you can distinctly see the historical impact of Colonel Robert Montgomery as well as other key philanthropists of horticulture and agriculture. Their work continues to have a significant impact on the array of flora throughout the park and the beautification of our community.

Throughout your visit, the Greenwich Botanical Center invites you to find serenity around every corner, from the greenery provided by the greenhouse and boutique to the natural splendor seen throughout the grounds.

The Greenwich Botanical Center is a not-for-profit organization serving Greenwich since 1957. It is dedicated to promoting horticulture, conservation, and the arts through educational programs, outreach activities, and special events. These include horticulture and art senior therapy programs, digital education initiatives, preservation of our local structures, and many more.

            To learn more about the Greenwich Botanical Center and their upcoming events, go to Join their team this Friday for a plant potting workshop. They will help you groom, debug, and depot your favorite houseplants, so that they will flourish in your home for the winter. Or tune in this Wednesday, 2/25 at 1 p.m., for the first installment of their Clean Cooking series with Chef Julia Blandori. More information can be found on their website.

Greenwich Botanical Center Greenhouses and Boutique are open every Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., providing plenty of free onsite parking and curbside pickup.

Winter Holiday Contest

Greenwich, CT, (December 15, 2020) - Greenwich Botanical Center (GBC) is hosting the Winter Holiday Tablescape Contest launched Tuesday, December 15 until December 27, 2020.  GBC Board members will judge and award prizes for Tablescapes for various categories such as Most Festive, Best Use Of GBC Plants and Props, Best Children’s Table, Best Animal Theme and Most Unique.

Open to all, you may submit two original Winter Holiday Tablescape photos that best capture the beauty of the Holidays, whichever one you may celebrate.

“While this year we may be getting ready for the holidays in a different way, we still anticipate the excitement and look forward to the festivity of the holiday decorating and traditions around our family tables.” Meg McAuley Kaicher, GBC Board President.

Find full contest details, upload your photos, and encourage friends and family to enter on the GBC Winter Holiday Tablescape Contest. Photo entries will be accepted until December 27th. Winners will be notified December 30th.


SNAP.  Contestants will take and upload up to two photos of Tablescapes on the GBC contest landing page.

WIN.   Winning photos will be awarded based on the GBC judged categories: 1) Most Festive, 2) Best Use of GBC Plants and Props, 3) Animal Theme, 4) Best Children’s Table.

About Greenwich Botanical Center

Greenwich Botanical Center is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting horticulture, conservation and the arts through educational programs, outreach activities and special events.

Click Here To Enter

Dazzling Dahlias Photo Contest

2020 Dazzling Dahlias Show

Online Photo Contest

September 18 - September 30, 2020


The Greenwich Dahlia Society* and the Greenwich Botanical Center announce the 2020 Annual Dazzling Dahlias Show, which will be held online September 18 - September 30 as a photo contest for all to enter. The Dazzling Dahlias photo contest is open to the public and simple to enter: 1) Snap an original photo of  a Dahlia/s (from your own garden, a friend’s garden or a local public garden), 2) Upload the photo onto the contest page (link here)  and fill out the form and 3) share on your Facebook timeline and ask family and friends to vote.  Prizes will be awarded based on number of votes as well as The Court of Honor categories such as Queen, King, Princess, Prince, Largest and Best.


Initiated in 2007, the Annual Dazzling Dahlias show is a spectacular event held at GBC, with more than 700 visitors and 800 blooms entered.  In 2018, Jesse Peterson’s magnificent blooms won King of the Show, Queen of the Show, Prince of the Show, Princess of the Show, Largest in Show (“OMG”), and Best in Show. Stephen Ruttkamp stole the show with his divine baskets, winning Best Grand Slam Basket and Best Basket.


Left to right, Dazzling Dahlias 2019 Show co-chairs: Lisa Moser, Barbara Collier and Bharti Chojar


In 2019, Greenwich Dahlia Society introduced a Court of Honor award for the novice with the most blue ribbons.  The Blue-Ribbon Trophy was awarded to Lois Baylis from the Garden Club of Darien.  To view the full 2019 Court of Honor, click here.


For more information on growing Dahlias…


How to Grow Tips: When to plant, soil preparation, staking and watering are covered in this article.


How to Choose: This article on best dahlia varieties for your specific garden type is very informative.


How to Divide: Summer Dreams Farm offers great advice on this topic. Click here.


Best Time to Buy: If you know which dahlias you would like for the coming year, try to find online and order by January - February. They will be shipped to you in late spring, in time for planting!



*Founded in 2007, the Greenwich Dahlia Society (GDS) is accredited by the American Dahlia Society and Greenwich Botanical Center (GBC) is the parent organization.


Do you want to learn all about Bees?

Beekeeping 101 was a honey of a presentation at GBC this week with honey from our hives stocked in the greenhouse for sale!

Hydrangea Envy Photo Contest: Snap a Photo, Upload, Vote and Share!

Greenwich Botanical Center, in partnership with local gardening and landscape businesses, will be awarding prizes for photographs with the most votes on the GBC Contest page as well as judging categories such as most creative photo, best photo with animal or insect and most unusual colors.

Join in the fun! Upload your photos, and encourage friends and family to vote at the GBC Hydrangea Envy Contest Page. Open to all, submit up to five original Hydrangea photos that best captures the beauty of the Hydrangea. 

The winners are:

Kelly McGee     Grand Prize Winner - (cover photo) | Kimberly Salib - 2nd Place  |  Christine Surette - 3rd place  |  Runner Up - Cheryl Gaulner 

Liz Eckert - Most Votes for a Pet  |  Julie Rocco - Most Beautiful Portrait  |  Julie Rocco - Most Beautiful Portrait

Heather Conner - Most Beautiful Photos  |  Ruth Sutcliffe - Best Travel Photo 

Beat the Quarantine Blues: Travel the Natural World (Virtually)

Yes, we know its not the same thing as being there...but in the spirit of getting through this strange time, we are digging (pun intended) these virtual tours of the worlds most exquisite gardens and far-(and not so far)-flung natural habitats. We are also putting together the most ambitious travel bucket list. 

Let's go!

    1. The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew: Founded in 1840, Kew houses one of the "most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world".  
    2. Walk among the daffodils at NYBG
    3. Peep (again, pun intended) wild birds like a Great Horned Owl in Charlo, Montana, a Bald Eagles in Decora, Iowa and closer to home, an Osprey nest on the Long Island Sound in Madison, CT. 
    4. Stroll the Japanese Garden in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Where have your virtual travels taken you? 

Q & A with Barbara Collier, Lisa Moser & Bharti Chojar, Co-Chairs of the 12th Annual Dazzling Dahlias Show

Question: I had never been very aware of dahlias until I got involved with Greenwich Botanical Center and worked at my first Dazzling Dahlias Show. The minute I arrived, felt the energy of the exhibitors, and saw the  flowers...It was a true “aha!” moment. How did you get pulled into the world of the dahlia? What is it about the dahlia that has kept you a part of this organization  and event for so many years? 


GBC Mother's Day Gift Guide

Let Greenwich Botanical Center be your Mother's Day destination! Stop by or give us a call: we can help you pick out the perfect (last minute) gift for Mom or that special Mom-like person in your life.

Here are some gift ideas that might inspire you:

  1. GBC Membership and Grandiflora Garden Tour ticket: Give Mom a membership to GBC and fill her year with friends, nature and learning. Our upcoming (June 7 & 8) Grandiflora Garden tour is the highlight of our event calendar and offers rare access to high-end private estates over the course of two summer afternoons. For tickets click here.
  2. Shop our habitatgreenwich pop-up shop: Located in our lobby, the gift shop is chock-full of gifts big and small. Pictured here, a Mer Sea scented soy candle. 20% of your purchase supports programming at GBC. Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm or by appointment.
  3. Original Art in the GBC Gallery:  Give the gift of original, local art. Currently showing in our gallery are works by Art Society of Old Greenwich, including (pictured above) Grass Colors 6 and Green Radiance by local photographer Julie DiaBiase.
  4. Shop GBC Greenhouse: Located in the Horticulture Building, the greenhouse is teeming with pollinator plants, deer resistant flowers and plants, organic & heirloom vegetables, and GBC-propagated Geraniums. Hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday 10:00 - 4:00. Closed Tuesdays. Or by appointment.

Visit our calendar:  This weekend (May 11) we are hosting a Mother's Day Craft Workshop & Tea.  We are constantly added new events and classes.

Happy Mother's Day,

xoxo-Everyone at GBC

Happy Earth Day: Let's Compost!

The happy faces of GBC composting: Margery Scotti, VP Horticulture; Kathy Kling Horticulture volunteer and Beth Cavanaugh Marketing and Sales Director.

Happy Earth Day! It should not come as a surprise that we here at Greenwich Botanical Center consider every day to be earth day. In that spirit, this blog will offer easy and practical tips that could be put to use today and every day thereafter. Working together as a community we have the power to impact the health and future of our planet.

This week we are talking composting with Director of Horticulture, Lisa Beebe and Greenhouse Volunteer, Kathy Kling. According to Lisa, "Composting will build good soil for your garden and is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to reduce waste."

Composting quickly becomes an obsession habit and according Kathy, “Once you get into the habit...throwing out lettuce leaves is akin to tossing garbage out of your car window as you drive. It just becomes a major faux pas.” Don't be surprised if you start sneaking table scraps into your purse at dinner parties hosted by non-composting friends. We won't judge.

Horticulture volunteer Kathy Kling's 4-step DIY composting routine.

Kathy insists that no expensive or fancy new equipment is necessary to get started. “Simply keep a bucket by your sink. Fill it up with compostable waste as you clear your kitchen. Keep another 10-15 gallon animal proof trash bin right outside your kitchen door. You should be able to easily lift and carry this bin when it's full of your compostable waste.

In your yard construct a simple 3 foot x 3 foot compost bin using welded wire fencing and four posts. Kathy suggests lining the inside with common concrete blocks to keep the compost from seeping out, but this is not necessary. Composting material can be ready to use as early as one month, depending on what you are composting and what method you choose to follow.

Use your compost to fill in holes in your garden or as a mulch to keep weeds down. The organic matter and nutrients feed your plants and keep gardening costs to a minimum.

"...compost is nutrient rich and will eliminate the need for synthetics fertilizers in your garden, which is helpful for the planet and your wallet."

Lisa Beebe, GBC Director of Horticulture

For Lisa Beebe, one of compostings main benefits, besides reduced landfill waste, is that your "...compost is nutrient rich and will eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers in your garden, which is helpful for the planet and your wallet." When you consider a bag of compost can cost up to $50, over time your composting pays for itself. This means no wasteful packaging, travel time or added expense of store bought product. Oh, and a beautiful, healthy garden.

Keep us posted. Have you started composting recently? Ask us for help. Send us tips. Post your composting pictures to social media using #GBC1957. We'd love to hear from you and share your story with our community.

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